Printer Management

How our Printer Management solution works

Printer Audit

At PrinterHQ we analyse all printers in your operation, their age, life cycle, usage and types of toner they use and their maintenance record. Based on what we find we are able to determine what repair or service is required to bring the printer up to a good operational standard that will ensure trouble free operation, efficient and cost effective print use and achieve length printer life of quality printing.

Printer Audit Report

On completion of the audit and review we will provide a report with our recommendation for both maintaining and improving print quality and reducing ongoing printing costs.

Printer Solution

  • A data collection agent (DCA) is installed on a network PC or directly onto a server
  • The agent scans the network and at predetermined intervals and captures all of the printer information 
  • The file is sent out at regular predetermined intervals for reviewing and ongoing management.





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