Reduce Costs

Many companies are looking to reduce administration costs and increase the efficiency of their back office functions and achieve a happier more sustainable workplace.

PrinterHQ can help you substantially reduce overall printer costs.

If you would like to know more call us on 0800 22 55 05 or complete our enquiry form.

Client Benefits include:

  • Reduces your staff time placing and managing orders for printer consumables.
  • Provided you a better understanding of your actual printer costs over time.
  • PrinterHQ specialists are able to identify faulty equipment remotely saving staff time.
  • PrinterHQ will monitor printers use and advise best printer rotation for sustainable use across your environment.
  • The printer reporting will help your decisions when determining best printer for function and use.
  • All consumables delivered to door for " just in time " use without staff involvement.
  • Free up your capital that would be tied up in " toner" waiting for use.
  • Don't get trapped with unused toner meant for printers long since decommissioned, filling up your stationery room.
  • Don't lose money on unused toner for printers that have been discontinued.
  • No need for your staff to remember product codes.

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