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We take the issue of security very seriously and PrinterHQ PMS only collects the critical imaging device metrics necessary to manage printing environment, and never collects any personal or user information.

This document discusses network and information security as it relates to:

  • Data collector Agent software
  • Our Web console access to the information collected


Data Collector Agent Software

The Data collector Agent ( DCA) is a software application that is installed on a non-dedicated networked server at each location where imaging device metrics are to be collected.

The DCA runs as a Windows service (or optionally a scheduled task allowing it to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Types of information collected

  • IP address (can be masked)
  • Device description
  • Serial number
  • Meter reads
  • Monochrome or colour identification
  • LCD reading
  • Device status
  • Error codes
  • Toner levels
  • Toner cartridge serial number
  • Maintenance kit levels
  • Non toner Supply levels
  • Asset number
  • Location
  • Mac address
  • Manufacturer
  • Firmware
  • Miscellaneous  (machine specific)


No print job or user data is collected.


Data collection and transmission methods

The DCA collects imaging device metrics at a specified interval using SNMP, ICMP and HTTP; it then transmits the data to the centralised database via HTTP ( port 80) or HTTPS (port443)

It is recommended that users transmit data using HTTPS , because this provides SSL 128-bit encryption of the data during transmission. FTP and HTTP do not provide encryption. To transmit using HTTPS, the machine receiving the transmitted data must be installed with an SSL security certificate.

Optional remote updates

The DCA contains an optional remote update feature, which is activated by enabling health check and intelligent Update options. Health check will periodically ensure that the DCA service is operating, and if not, it will restart the DCA service. Intelligent Update allows the DCA to check for a receive software updates and DCA configuration changes posted by your PrinterHQ administrator on the hosting server. These features are enabled and disabled at the end user site , and are not required.


Network traffic

The network traffic created by DCA is minimal and will vary depending on the number of IP addresses being scanned. The table below outlines the network load associated with the DCA compared to the network load associated with loading a single standard webpage.


Approximate Total Bytes

Loading a single standard webpage


DCA scan blank IP


DCA scan 1 printer


DCA scan 1 printer , 1 subnet


DCA scan network of 13 printers



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