The Do’s when operating a printer

Do  check that the paper guides in the input trays are set to the right paper size you are using e.g. A4. Or your printer will not print and will ask you to insert letter or some other size of paper that you do not want.

Do ensure that the paper guides in the input paper trays are positioned firmly against the edges of the paper.  If they aren’t the paper may skew and jam. This is especially important with duplexers.

Do handle toner cartridges carefully. Do not drop or shake the cartridge. A sharp bump can dislodge some internal components and/or damage the OPC drum. If the cartridge has a protective shutter, do not slam it shut: this can scratch the drum. If the cartridge has no protective shutter, do not place it face down on a rough, hard or uneven surface. Protect the drum from sunlight.

Do adjust the settings in the printer driver to match the configuration of your printer. Make sure that any additional memory (RAM) you have installed is registered in the driver. If extra input trays or a duplexer have been installed, make sure they are recognised by the printer and registered in the printer driver. Otherwise, these extra features will not be available for use. You should install any additional options in both the PCL and PS (PostScript) drivers.

Do position the printer so that all doors can be opened easily should paper jam occur. Provide adequate ventilation around the printer to stop it from overheating. Ensure air circulation in the room to dissipate any ozone produced by the printer.

Do clean the primary charge roller (PCR) every time you install a new toner cartridge (Lexmark Optra S, Se, T and M printers only). The PCR should be light brown when clean, not grey or black.

Do consider lock-out the menus on the front of the printer to accidental changing of settings. To do this, toggle the menus between enabled and disabled by holding down the Go and Return buttons when you turn on the printer (Lexmark printers). Refer to the instructions in the User Manual.

Do keep the paper trays clean with either soapy water or wiping with mentholated spirits. Otherwise toner and dirt will contaminate your printed copies. Change toner cartridge immediately if any toner appears in the paper tray, this is a leaking cartridge.

Do keep all rubber feed and separation rollers clean. Remove dust and toner by wiping them with a micro-fibre cloth or cloth dipped in mentholated. The rollers should have a rough (grippy) texture. The rollers will become slippery if covered in paper dust, house dust and toner. Cleaning helps prevent most paper feeding and jamming problems. Replace rollers when fine tread on the rubber surface is worn down.

Do keep the inside of the printer clean. This will ensure that your printed output will be clean. Use a micro-fibre cloth to remove any paper-dust or toner droppings that build up inside.

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